ATC Quest – Mobile Command Animal Rescue

8.5 X 38'Aluminum

Montgomery County need a way to rescue animals during disaster situations. The challenge was creating a basecamp for staff and animals that was easy to clean and temperature controlled in hot tropical climates. Take a look for yourself and see how we delivered the solution.





Heavy Duty

Build Quality



Sleeping for 4

Custom bunks offer some comfort for staff while on the road. A pocket door separates the rear and front sections of the trailer.

Custom Kennels

Kennels were installed floor to ceiling to maximize a small space while offering a glass backed design to showcase animals from the outside for adoption.

"With the excellent help from Ryan and Brett, I got the exact trailer I wanted. They did everything they could to get a trailer for me in the very short time frame in which we had to work with. When I arrived at Complete Trailers in Denver to pickup the trailer, I was totally amazed  at the quality of the workmanship and how professional it was. I have expressed to everyone who have seen the trailer, that Complete Trailers is the Best place to go for Quailty and Great service!  Thank You again Ryan and Brett for your excellent service in getting the trailer I needed !!!"

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Hughie C