Before you pick up your new trailer…

There are a number of things you need to have set up before you pick up your new trailer. Here’s our short list: 

1)  Have your ball installed: You will need either a 2″ ball or a 2 5/16″ ball already installed depending on your trailer. Check with us if you aren’t sure which size you need. 

2)  Get the right receiver: Your truck will have to be equipped with a receiver to support the ball.  Your receiver should have the proper “drop” to make sure your trailer is level when going down the road.  Using a measuring tape, you want to have the center of the ball approximately 18″ off the ground.

3)  Light hookup:  You will need either a 7 way round plug or a 4 way flat plug for the lights.  This varies by size and type of trailer.  Typically, smaller trailers (single axle, utility) have the 4 way connections.  

4) Brake controller:  If you are hauling a larger trailer, you may want to consider a brake controller.  If the trailer is equipped with brakes, you need to install a brake controller to engage the brakes.  Please note that the brakes will not work without the controller.  A local hitch installer or vehicle dealership will be able to install the controller. Check out our post on brake controllers for help in selecting the right one for you.